Op de 7e
editie van het CinemAsia Film Festival zijn de volgende drie Taiwanese films te
zien in De Balie aan de Kleine Gartmanplantsoen in Amsterdam op 2 en 3 april en
in het Natlab door Plaza Futura aan de Kastanjelaan in Eindhoven op 11 en 12


Zone pro Site, the Moveable Feast
(Chen Yu-Hsun, Taiwan 2013)
The Moveable Feast is the most highly anticipated film from Taiwan in 2013 and
became one of the biggest box-office hits in Taiwan.
In old agricultural Taiwan, Zone Pro Site means the catering chef. The film is
about Hsiao Wan who returns to her hometown where she finds the family business
of arranging huge banquets reduced to a single noodle stand. As only child she
is destined to rejuvenate the business.


The Rice Bomber
(Cho Li, Taiwan, 2014)
A moving revolutionary story of a Taiwanese farmer who seeks justice for the
rice farmers against the government and becomes a voice for his people and


(Mong-Hong Chung, Taiwan, 2013)
A stylish psychological thriller about a man who develops an unsettling bond
with the transient spirit that comes to inhibit his body.


Info: http://www.cinemasia.nl